Who We Are

Honesty, integrity, competence, and fairness – these are the values that we strive for every day at Water Protection One.

Dave Woodmansee started Water Protection One more than 20 years ago, because he wanted to work in an industry he was passionate about, and he also wanted to convey these values in his work. Too many times, he had seen these values not be shown by other water treatment companies: products that were sold were proprietary (overpriced), and companies sought to replace systems, rather than considering repairing them.

So, into the industry Dave came. Water Protection One was founded on a few basic ideas. It would provide service that sought to benefit the customer, not the company’s owner. Customers would be treated like family, not just another paycheck. We would always attempt to fix a system before we ever considered replacing it.

More than 20 years later, we feel we’ve stuck to our values and built the company Dave envisioned. That’s why we still offer free second opinions, because countless times, we have found the solution to a problem deemed unfixable was just a 25-cent O-ring, breaking up a salt bridge, or adjusting salt dosage.

At the end of the day, our hope is that our customers are educated and left with a product that will run exceptionally for years to come. And, of course, our hope is that they consider us trusted friends, not just servicemen.

Prior to starting Water Protection One, Dave worked at FedEx for 12 years. He lives in Woods Cross with his wife and his two Chihuahuas (that he loves more than he’ll admit). He enjoys fishing, traveling, and spending time with his family.

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