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Maybe you are moving your water softener or reverse osmosis to a new home, or maybe you bought one at a  yard sale, or one from the dreaded big box store, Yea, we can install those. 

                                                                                     SYSTEM UPGRADES

Most likely, there is still some value in your water softening components. 

Here's what we can do:  we'll lop off the head, replace it with a current state of the art valve, change your distributor and brine float and poof you will have a virtually new water system.


Salt loaded into your machine.  One less honey do.  6 bag minimum delivery 

Courtesy preventative look, i.e., hose lines, timers, salt bridges, etc. included.

                                                                                     VALVE REBUILDS

This is where most companies will say, "You need to buy a new system." 

$Ca ching,$ Ca ching.  Valve rebuilds, new motors, seal spacers, pistons, piston seats, brine plungers, o-rings, springs...you know, the stuff to make your unit

run like new again.


Test includes detection of calcium, magnesium, lime, iron, total dissolved solids, chlorine, nitrates, nitrites, soap residual, water pressure, and turbidity

                                                                         FILTER REPLACEMENTS

Service trucks carry virtually all reverse osmosis replacement filters.  If by chance we don't, we'll order yours at no additional charge. 

see our contact page to request service

Softener Names   Many More

Water Protection One Services  many softener types, Clack, Erie,Culligan,Sentry,Dominator,Columbia,Technitics, Fleck

Systems Made by Ecowater  such as Northstar, GE,Whirlpool,Morton,

Red line, Miracle Water.