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What We Offer

Complimentary Water Testing

Testing includes: detection of calcium, magnesium, lime, iron, total dissolved solids, chlorine, nitrates, nitrites, soap residue, water pressure, and turbidity

Filter Replacements

Our service trucks carry virtually all reverse osmosis replacement filters.  If by chance we don’t have it for you at the doorstep, we’ll order your filter at no additional charge. 

Salt Service

Skip your next honey do. We will load the salt into your filter, and give a complimentary preventative look at your hose lines, timers, salt bridges, etc.

Six bag minimum delivery.

Valve Rebuilds

Instead of replacing first, we repair first.

Every filter is different, but between valve rebuilds, new motors, seal spacers, pistons, piston seats, brine plungers, o-rings, and springs, we will have your filter performing like new.


Whether you are moving to a new home, found a steal at a local yard sale, or you have a brand new softener coming in, we can install your water softener and reverse osmosis system.

System Upgrades

Rather than replacing the entire system, we keep the value of the old and add in the new.

Our approach starts by removing what no longer works, then replacing the valve, distributor, and brine float, leaving you with your old system running like brand new.

Brands We Service

Water Protection One services the following and many more:

Clack, Erie, Culligan, Sentry, Dominator, Columbia, Technitics, Fleck,

Systems made by Ecowater, such as Northstar, GE, Whirlpool, Morton, Red Line, Miracle Water

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (801) 815-0234

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